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Express your love for your mother with a beautiful Mother's Day jewelry gift from Bellizzi Jewelers.












Perhaps the easiest way to make a jewelry choice for Mom is to draw inspiration from what she already owns.


Does your special Mom prefer silver, gold or platinum? Rings, bracelets, necklaces or other items? Diamonds or pearls? Gemstones or costume jewelry?


Whatever Mom likes, there are lots of great options to choose from here at Bellizzi Jewelers.


Whether you're undecided, or know what you want, we've got some great specials a wide array of unique ideas and inspired gift suggestions for Mother's Day.


Mother's Day is always that much more special and memorable with a loving gift from Bellizzi Jewelers.

In choosing a jewelry gift for a mother, one thing to keep in mind is the personal taste of the mom. All too often jewelry gifts are chosen based on the tastes of the giver, rather than the receiver. This causes these pieces of jewelry to be thrown into a drawer and only brought out when the person who gave the gift is around.


Jewelry can range from inexpensive to decadently high, so it's best to not only determine what kind of jewelry should be chosen, but, to stick within an affordable budget. Here are some various gift ideas to help a mom celebrate her special day.


Mother's Day Bracelets

A popular bracelet gift is one that includes the birthstones of all of the mother's children. Or you may want to consider a charm bracelet with charms that reflect the mom's favorite things.


For example, if the mom is a Disney fan, charms could be of her favorite Disney characters. If she is a sports enthusiast, the charms could be of all of her favorite sports. This is a great way to personalize the gift for her special day.


Mother's Day Necklaces and Pendants

A necklace with a heart can represent the love for a mother. These types of pendants can be simple or elaborate. If looking for an equisive piece of jewelry, most women love necklaces that feature diamonds. If on a budget, a necklace with a single pearl would be pretty as would any type of gemstone necklace. If the mother has simple tastes, a gold or sterling silver chain could be appreciated.


Mother's Day Rings

Just like the above mentioned bracelet, a Mother's Day bracelet could consist of gemstones that represent each child. A ring can be engraved to personalize it further. Another idea is stackable rings with each ring representing a child. If something more modest is desired, consider a plain gold or silver band engraved with the children's names.


A gift of jewelry can be kept simple, extravagant, or anywhere in between. Making it personalized adds nice extra touch. Just be sure the jewelry reflects the mother's taste and she will have a treasured gift that will last forever.




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